Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Best 80s Albums

Yesterday on twitter somebody asked what was the best LP released between 1980 & 1989. I thought I won't do my obvious pick. So I did a little year by year list that didn't include Talking Heads, The Fall, The Birthday Party, Prince, The Church, The Triffids, The Smiths, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine or The Pixies.

My pick in the end was My Houdini from Tactics but it could have been any of these or like a hundred others. Ever since I started this blog I've been meaning to write an article in praise of My Houdini. Maybe the time has come to finally put pen to paper about this undervalued post-punk/new wave classic.

1980- Out Of The Tunnel - MX-80 Sound
1981- My Houdini - Tactics
1982- Ice Cream For Crow - Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
1983- Head Over Heels - Cocteau Twins
1984- Let It Be - The Replacements
1985- At Home With You - X (The Australian band not the inferior one)
1986- Three Virgins - Axemen
1987- Children Of God - Swans
1988- Sixty Nine - AR Kane
1989- Max Q - Max Q

This is another one I was going to write about in the beginning...er...maybe I did. I'll have to check that.

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